Giving and Receiving

I have thought a lot about the season and its emphasis on giving and receiving, and what it really means.

This year I find myself in a different relationship to both - reviewing the motives and reasons for gift giving, and the impact it has on both giver and receiver.

This afternoon I received Todd Norian's newsletter and I love the way he addresses what this symbiotic relationship is all about. Todd is a Senior Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, and I excerpt his remarks on the subject.

For more information on Todd, his wife Ann Greene, and their newsletters, and teaching schedules, go to:

"Lately I've been reflecting on how to become a better receiver. It's only when I can allow myself to receive fully that I can give from my heart unconditionally.

To be able to receive I consciously empty myself of doubt and fear and create an open space inside for listening...

When I allow myself to receive fully, I fill up with gratitude. Then my giving comes from an overflow of love rather than obligation. Receiving takes an ability to reflect within...

We first draw in and shine the light of awareness inside to see and appreciate who we are: the greater the appreciation, the greater the gratitude.

The more you draw in and receive who you are, the more gratitude and desire you have to give back and offer your thanks. When we give, we extend the light of awareness outward."

The newsletter ends with this wonderful piece:

"The state of grace
needs the recipient
in order to complete."

You are held in the hand of God
and totally loved
And when that love can be received
the circuit is completed.

When one moves closer to the source,
there is a moment
that is difficult to describe in any language.
The receiver becomes the giver
and the receptacle becomes the source.

...and then the dan
ce of eternity really begins.

(an excerpt from Emmanuel's Book,
compiled by Pat Rodergast)


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