The Infinite Lord of Stillness

I read this last night - before my late night meditation - and going to bed - and I was reminded again of this prayer and affirmation this morning as I read the inspirational words of a yoga teacher, written and sent to me while she was overlooking the Ganges River this morning.

This comes from: The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga, by Goswami Kriyananda and is so appropriate for this season.

The Infinite Lord of Stillness

Oh, Infinite Lord of Stillness,
May we approach Thee at the altar of stillness.

May we who gather here at this most holy altar,

Lay flowers of silence at Thy Holy Lotus Feet.

Oh, Lord of Stillness,

Teach us to meditate with fervent, silent devotion.

Oh, Lord of Stillness,

Teach us to commune with Thee;

Teach us to contact Thee.

O, Infinite Lord of Stillness,

Teach us how to gently decree Thy Holy Presence.

Remove from us, Oh, Lord of Stillness,

All mechanical meditation, all mechanical words,

And offer at Thy altar of silence, our souls to Thee.

Teach us to gently and humbly request Thy Presence.

Take from us the veil of ignorance that we might not drown,

But remain awake in Thee and Thy Service.

Fill each cell of our being with Thy luminous light.

Fill each petal of our mind with Thy luminous love.

Fill our lives with Thy luminous wisdom.

Oh, Lord of Stillness,

Strengthen us that we might see

The highway to Heaven

And thus find Thee.

Let me begin and end the day -
with this prayer.


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