Letting Go: Take Two

This comes from a friend, Patricia, who is a facilitator of Byron Katie's The Work, here in the Northern VA area. She received it from Orly, in Israel, another friend of The Work.

Have you tried to let go?
You cannot.
No-one has ever succeeded in letting go.
Letting go is not for you.
Letting go is the end of someone trying to let go;
so do not try to let go. It will strengthen the whole game.
Don't try to not think; it will strengthen the thinking.
Don't try to transcend your patterns; it will strengthen the patterns.
The biggest pattern of all patterns is trying to get rid of patterns.
What should I do then?
Simply be available for this moment to kiss you.
When your partner comes home,
you are available for him to kiss you.
Maybe he will, maybe he won't; but you are available.
Then the kiss is really sweet, because it is free of 'me'.
Let whatever is here now kiss you.
Just receive life without doing.
Just receive what is given.

We are so busy living life, we have largely forgotten
what it is to simply receive life and let life live us;
to be unconditionally available for this moment to have us
and to recognize that every moment is the beloved,
whatever it contains. This moment is it.
In this moment, the beloved kisses you.
This moment is God.

The Work consists of 4 simple questions one asks of oneself in dealing with just about any issue or belief:

Is it true?

Can you absolutely know it is true?

How do you react when you think that thought?

Who would you be without that thought?

For more information on The Work, and how to more appropriately work with these questions and process, go to:



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