The motto of the Visitandines - the Sisters of the Visitation Order founded in the 17th century by St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal - is to "Live Jesus - " in every thought, word and deed.

I received a little card from the Visitation Monastery in Minneapolis, with a caption on one side that reads: "Wage Peace."

On the other side it reads:


Place yourself in the presence of God
frequently throughout the day.

Live in the present moment
and accept all that happens
as coming from God,
as sent or allowed by God.

"Learn of me
for I am gentle
and humble of heart."

Practice the little virtues.

God loves you unconditionally
and invites you
to love everyone unconditionally
with God's love.

Live out your call to be holy
whatever your vocation.

A fitting motto for anyone!


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