Ananda Part Two

Here is an outline of my closing remarks to my taping class and the conclusion to yesterday's blog entry...


Bliss is within us - in each and every one of us - it resides in our hearts and it is what unites us. Hopefully the practice today enabled you to connect more deeply with that reality in some way.

The sages of Kashmir Shaivism - which provide the philosophical and spiritual foundation for Anusara Yoga - sought and recognized the pulsating heart of Divine Bliss within all domains of human experiences. That is what made this system so radical.

Practice bliss as a mantra - say: "Bliss is within me." Or, "I am bliss." Do this for a period of time and notice your perspective shift.

Joy and bliss are in the world. Cultivate the practice of seeing it. Tune into the experience of it within yourself. See it everywhere.

How can you do this if you aren't particularly able to connect to your bliss?

Let me offer two suggestions:

When I need to connect more deeply to the experience of bliss - I surround myself with readings and music that evoke this experience within me - such as the ecstatic poetry of Rumi and Kabir and Hafiz, allowing it to wash over me, and allowing it to rekindle my innate but forgotten state of bliss. I listen to music that evokes bliss - I dance to it.

Think of a time you felt very blissful. How did it feel? Now let go of the details of the event and just dwell on the experience of bliss itself. Let it wash over you, filling every crevice in your being - in your body - in your heart - in your soul.

Now - bring your palms together -
bowing to the temple of infinite bliss -
of Divine ecstasy that resides within your heart:
May your practice lead you here
to the recognition
that not only is bliss your birthright -
but it is your very essence.
May you shine that bliss -
may you shine your Divine Light
and leave this world a better place.


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