Deeper Still

One of my favorite songwriters and performers is Beth Nielsen Chapman.

Recently, I found one of her CD's that I had hardly listened to - entitled Deeper Still.

The material for this CD was written right before she discovered she had breast cancer. As if this weren't traumatic enough, Beth had also recently gone through the experience of losing her husband.

She writes about making this record:

"I don't know where to begin to describe the amazing journey my life has been during the making of this record. Lots of angels, detours, side trips through purgatory, bursts of grace and gratefulness have brought me to this place of finally releasing this music. I guess the songs will have to speak for themselves...

Having come through the coldest of winters, I feel myself stepping back into 'every little seed trying to find where the light comes from.'"

And here are the lyrics to Deeper Still:

In the tears you gave to me
I found a river to an ocean

Concrete sky, and a stone cold sea

I came to where the emptiness
Cracked open

All my fears came crashing through

And met the fire of my sorrow

But I found my strength

In forgiving you

I never even dreamed

How far my heart could go

To give my life beyond each death

From a deeper well of trust

To know that when

There's nothing left

You will always have

What you gave to love

In the this life the love you give

Comes back around

To be your treasure

What you lose will be what you win

Too deep to measure

A silver coin rings down that well

You can never spend too much

A diamond echoes deeper still...

And you'll always have

What you gave to love

Truly, a beautiful song sprung from a beautiful heart...

And I thought of redemption and resurrection - of hope and all that springs eternal - of goodness - and all the wonderful gifts we receive in life which overshadow all that does not prevail in the light...

And I felt warmth in my soul...


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