Miracles and Midlife

One of my favorite authors is Marianne Williamson.

Last night I started reading her new book - The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife.

As I prepared to begin to read - the book fell open to page 60 and my eyes were drawn to this section:

Miracles are available in any moment when we bring the best of ourselves forward.

It isn't the amount of our years that will determine the life we live now, but the amount of our love...

I had an experience once that depressed me greatly. I felt wounded by something in my past and fairly hopeless about my future. Around that time, I moved into a house on the water, where I had a view of the sunrise each day that was more gorgeous than anything I had ever seen...

Every day my eyes would automatically open as the sun began to rise. I'd lie there and not just look at the dawn; the dawn would enter me.

The imprint of sunrise - of a new day following the darkness of night - made its way into my cells. And one morning it was as though I heard the voice of God, telling me as I witnessed the dawn that "Such is the work I will do within you." I too would experience a new dawn after the dark night of my soul. God would give me a new beginning. I knew it then...

I was hooked...I sat and read for a while and closed the book for the evening when I got to that page again - and I imagined the deliciousness of being entered by the dawn...Anyone who has experienced resurrection of any kind will surely revel in that image...


Lisa said…
this sounds incredible! You got her book early. I didn't think it was available till January 6th!!!!! I'm going to go get a copy now.

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