The Gift of Change

This wonderful reading by Ralph Marston was shared by Jenny Otto, a gifted yogini and therapeutic bodyworker at a workshop she did last weekend on the pelvis and sacrum.

As I reflected on this writing - I thought of how the only constant in life is change and how the Buddha taught the impermanence of things. I thought of so many of Yogananda's writings which acknowledge the Divine Spark within us that enables us to change and make anything possible. And lastly, I thought of all the changes in my life in the last half year or so - and how in so many ways - it has been a great gift - almost like stepping into a new life or incarnation - despite all the pain and sorrow and difficulty that accompanied it...

Now is what you choose.
There was a time when you thought
you could change the world.
You were right, and you still are.

There was a time when you knew
that life was filled with limitless possibilities.
It still is, and so are you.

Perhaps you're dismayed that so much time
has passed without much noticeable progress.
Yet the longer you've waited to move forward,
the more quickly and powerfully you can do so
when you choose to start.

To change the world,
and to fulfill your greatest possibilities,
does not require anything from your past.
It's a matter of making a choice,
in the present,
to act with positive purpose.

Now is the place where your life resides.
And now is what you choose to make it.
With a thankful, joyful heart,
look around you at the possibilities
that stretch out in all directions.
Choose one of those possibilities now,
and proceed to lovingly give life to it.
- Ralph Marston


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