Heart Song - A Labor of Love

Last night I had the privilege to hear the performance of selections from jazz artist Al Williams III's new recording - Heart Song - which was played in public for the first time at Blues Alley - in the heart of Georgetown.

Al and his talented companions played to a packed house and the evening was truly magical - filled with rich music and a wonderful audience.

This is one of the most beautiful jazz compilations I have ever heard. It is truly a collection of "heart songs" and is simply exquisite.

I was struck by the warm and loving energy flowing from the music the very first time I heard the CD. I remember thinking immediately - this is truly special! And I know those involved in the project with Al put their whole hearts and souls into it.

Last night I thought back to when the project first began over a year ago - at the time I was fascinated by what the whole process entailed - since it was so foreign to anything I had every done.

From beginning to end - it was truly a labor of love and all those present last night seemed to thoroughly enjoy it! As a dear friend involved in the project described it - it was like finally giving birth after a very long labor!

Any review I could write of the music would not do it justice.

So if you are a fan of smooth jazz - read Al's bio and hear excerpts from the CD - and give yourself a treat and buy it - for yourself - or someone you love! I picked up a few extra copies for birthday presents!

Check out this link and hear selections from this wonderful CD!



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