Listen to Your Heart

These quotes come from a recent Inner Journey newsletter...

"To know how to choose a path with heart
is to learn how to follow intuitive feeling.
Logic can tell you superficially
where a path might lead to,
but it cannot judge whether
your heart will be in it."
- Jean Shinoda Bolen

"Surrender is faith
that the power of love
can accomplish anything...
even when you can not
foresee the outcome."
- Deepak Chopra

"When you have compassion
and surrender to your own heart,
you are surrendering to the hidden power
in your heart, God.
You are surrendering to love,
because God is Love,
the cohesive force of the universe
that connects us all.
Surrender is not just a religious concept;
it's a power tool for listening
to the voice of your spirit
and following its directions.
When you surrender your head
to your heart,
you allow your heart to give you a wider,
higher intelligence perspective.
Remember the phrase,
'The real teacher is within you.'
Very simply, that teacher
is to be found in the common sense
of your own heart."
- Sara Paddison


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