River Musings

I approach the river quietly - thankful for its support and presence in my journey - for it has truly reflected the Divine...

I arrive and notice a flock of birds having a party on the bench I normally sit on...

They acknowledge my presence and make room for me by gently flying away - perching themselves on tree limbs overshadowing me - looking down - they attentively sit in vigil...

I sit in the beautiful stillness of the morning - birds everywhere - a woodpecker tapping away at a tree - and all of them harmoniously inhabiting the same space...

I offer my prayers - mindfully and fervently - Hail Marys gently spilling forth from my heart - and I marvel at a lately acquired nascent devotion to Mary and the Sacred Feminine...

I think of Rumi - truly believing for the first time - what I have repeated to my students over and over again:

"The whole universe is inside of you -
ask all from yourself!"

I end with a variation to a classic prayer:

"Glory -
to the Father,
and Son,
and Spirit -
now and forever,
and ever, Amen!"

I think of all that has changed - and what is constant - and I rejoice.


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