To Dwell in Possibility

As I reviewed my lesson plans of a year ago - I noticed that I used this Emily Dickinson quote as a theme:

"Dwell in possibility..."

I have used this theme once a year for the last three years...

I had this quote framed and it hangs on my wall in front of my desk where I work every day - it was a gift from a friend - and it is a constant reminder to remember to open to grace and all the possibilities it offers...

Last year at this time when I last used this theme - I felt that I was between two phases in life - having completed a rigorous certification process - and not quite sure of what lay ahead for me...

Little did I know...

I re-visited this theme again this year - perhaps a little more cognizant of it's meaning...

This morning, as I reviewed my lesson plans for my new yoga students and compared them to the suggested syllabus a friend provided from her studio - I found myself marveling at how this studio invited their students to dwell in possibility by believing they were capable of so much more in their practice...

I too, was being invited to dwell in possibility in envisioning and accepting the limitless capacity we all have.

I no longer teach according to established levels and the preconceived notions that go with them. I have been led instead to teach in a way that considers where my individual students are.

This week - I was moved to take everything a step or two further - and by dwelling in possibility led all of my students (minus the very beginning ones) to soar and shine their limitless capacities as they experienced standing bound poses - some for the first time - culminating in the beautiful and challenging Bird of Paradise pose.

Each and every student experienced a level of opening that was only possible because they were invited to dwell in possibility and to taste their limitless capacity for becoming, and for being.

And I marveled at the infinite ways in which these wonderful people expressed their inner magnificence in such exquisite ways!


Anonymous said…
I miss doing yoga with you.
I think of you often.

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