Contemplative Musings

I am graced with the opportunity to share aspects of my sitting practice with a contemplative...

I am reminded that:

"Meditation techniques
may bring you to the door
of Divine Presence,

but it is your love and devotion
that opens that door...

"Continue developing an inner relationship with God
so that you can perceive His deepening Presence..."

I am told:

"Call upon God and flood your heart
with His blessings!
Feel yourself showered by them!

Don't try so hard in your practice -
but have endless patience with yourself!

Enjoy the journey! And let go of the goal.
Be happy now - under all circumstances.
This is how we learn to be even-minded.

Learn selflessness
by giving up your own self interests..."

Beautiful words spoken
by an Instrument of God's Love...
A message sent from Heaven,
inviting deep reflection...


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