Expanding our Consciousness II

Concluding remarks to yesterday's blog and this week's theme:

The longer we practice - the more we learn about ourselves and our limitations and tendencies - and especially how we box ourselves in.

What happens on the mat is always a metaphor for what happens in our lives...

Listen to the following Yoga Sutras as interpreted and re-imagined by Nischala Joy Devi (1.18, 1.21, and 1.22):

"With continued awareness [and I would add practice], we identify only with pure consciousness residing in the heart.

To the dedicated and devoted, the Divine truth is revealed.

Spiritual consciousness develops in direct proportion to one's dedication."

Our consciousness expands as a result of our devoted practice. For some of us it may mean an asana practice or a meditation practice - or both. It is our dedication to this practice come rain or shine that will connect us to our hearts and open the door to transformative experiences in our lives over time...

Nischala Joy Devi shares these wonderful insights in her book, The Secret Power of Yoga:

When consciousness reunites and remains undisturbed, our true Divine nature is revealed as joy. The expression of this joy is infinite love.

As we come to understand that our nature is joy and love, perceived suffering is unable to take root.

Furthermore, we are missing much joy if we allow the world to dictate the direction of our thoughts and feelings. But when our heart guides the focus of our consciousness, love is ever present in our life.

The two necessary components to reunite us with our True Self are: devoted practice and remembering the Self.

When a devoted practice is cultivated, that inspires us to remember the Self. This balances and brings grace to our daily rhythm. As we remember the Self, the effects of our simplest actions are considered. We relinquish old mindless habits.

I conclude my classes with the following prayerful invitation:

Bringing your palms together
and bowing to the goodness that dwells within -
may your practice deepen
the expansion of your consciousness
and your understanding of who you really are.
May your practice enable you
to be still and listen, and know -
that you are
in your essence



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