The river was still a little restless this morning and overflowing its banks. The boat launch was under water almost to the parking lot...

Debris still flowed downstream occasionally...

I felt the river was still purging...

Today is the anniversary of Paramahansa Yogananda's Mahasamadhi - when he consciously left his body after his work was done.

There are many wonderful and fascinating stories of great gurus and enlightened being leaving their bodies consciously in the book - Graceful Exits: How Great Being Die - written by Sushila Blackman.

In this gripping narrative, Blackman tells the death stories of Hindu, Tibetan, Buddhist, and Zen Masters and the often incredible circumstances surrounding their deaths. Blackman herself, died shortly after completing the book, in a manner that was no less graceful and beautiful.

The readings in Yogananda's Spiritual Diary for the week all focus on the "Guru-Disciple" relationship - which is considered a very sacred and special bond in the East.

Here are some excerpts from some of Yogananda's insights and writings for the week:

The friendship that exists
between guru and disciple is eternal...

It is the duty of the guru and the disciple
to be loyal to each other,
not only in one life,
but for many lives
if these are necessary to reach God...

And from today:

My body shall pass but my work shall go on.
And my spirit shall live on.
Even when I am taken away
I shall work with you for the deliverance
of the world with the message of God.
Prepare yourselves for the glory of God.
Charge yourselves with the flame of Spirit...

I end with the prayer that Yogananda often shared was his only prayer. It is the one with which I begin every day and every sitting practice:

Let Thy Love shine forever
on the Sanctuary of my Devotion.
And may I be able to awaken
Thy Love
in all hearts.


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