Rumi: Awakened by Beauty III

The conclusion to yesterday's entry by Kabir Helminski:

Rumi was was left with a profound, continuing awareness of the awesome love at the heart of existence...

Despite his great loss, Rumi was intoxicated with the realization that love was everywhere and in everything, working its own purpose...

Rumi also had this sober intelligence that was capable of formulating a wisdom teaching, which would become a guide for the soul's journey...

And the point of every story and poem, the essence of every page, is a reality not necessarily evident to the senses, nor the intellect, but apparent to the heart:

That all of existence is the creation of love, and the purpose of that love is to reveal itself in the full magnitude of its beauty and generosity.

...He did reveal that love is the only teacher and that the lessons of love are the most significant in our lives. He demonstrated that one could live through the greatest tragedy imaginable and still trust and be true to that love...

The Pull of Love

I pulled a thorn from the fence of
His garden,
and it has not stopped working its way
into my heart

One morning a little of his wine
turned my heart into a lion hunter.

It's right that this separation He
helped me feel
lurks like a monster within my heart.
Yet heaven's wild and unbroken colt
was trained by the hand of His love.
Though reason is learned and
has its honors,
it pawned its cap and robes for a
cup of love.

Many hearts have sought refuge
from this love,
but it drags and pulls them to its own


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