Rumi: Awakened by Beauty

From the article - "Rumi: The Way of the Lover," in Spirituality and Health (April 2008) by Kabir Helminski:

In the Sufi love. Rumi's own awakening took place in a scandalous relationship with Shams of Tabriz...

The scandal was that in a monotheistic context, in which idolatry was the greatest sin, Shams...became Rumi's God...Rumi sacrificed, friendship, and family to give himself totally to this relationship:

I am in love with You.
What's the use of giving me advice?
I have already drunk the poison.
What's the use of candy?
They say, "Bind his feet in chains,"
but they can't bind up my crazy heart.

Shams had searched the world for one human being who was capable of receiving his message. Rumi was, above all, the one who was capable of receiving and passing it on to the world. They became like two divine mirrors, reflecting each other, inspiring each other to new levels of beauty and realization...

I could reach great heights with Your love,

and with longing for You
I will increase a hundredfold.
They ask, "Why are you circling him?"
O ignorance, I am circling myself.

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