True Teachers

I received notice of the passing of a well known yoga teacher, Alice Slattery, who died rather unexpectedly.

A colleague in the Anusara Yoga community noted that this teacher impacted many lives:

"She is a wonderful reminder of how we as teachers
can and do make an impact on students' lives
even when we might not know it."

This quote exemplifies not only Alice's life - but that of all true teachers:

"True teachers
use themselves as bridges
over which their students cross;
Then, having facilitated their crossing,
joyfully collapse, encouraging them
to create bridges of their own."
- Nikos Kazantzakis

Let us today remember someone who created such a bridge for us.

But let us also remember to be that same kind of bridge for someone else as well - and thus leave this world a better one than the one we came into...


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