The Art of Adjusting II

I have just concluded three days of one of the most exquisite yoga trainings I have ever done with John Friend - the founder of Anusara Yoga - on the art of adjusting.

The Anusara community here in Florida is nothing short of outstanding. It is truly one of the most vibrant and welcoming groups I have ever encountered. They are serious and dedicated practitioners with very big hearts and I feel totally at home among them.

The sequences of poses we worked on over the course of three days were masterfully designed to open us energetically in very deep ways. As I reflect back on the course of the three days I realize that no pose we worked on was an accident - not even the pose John chose to adjust me in during a demonstration. I recognize the pose was meant to root and ground me more deeply in a time of much change and evolution.

When I woke up this morning, I noticed I that I carried my body differently and that certain patterns of behaviors - or samskaras - had some how been subtly altered. I even wrote a friend saying I noticed more strength and confidence in myself. Interestingly enough, this is the feedback I received most often from those I assisted and worked with: "Your touch is strong, and confident!"

Every assist I received allowed me to go more deeply into some poses than I ever had and I felt the genuine love and compassion of all those present. which enabled this process as well.

I was amazed to see John work deeply and intuitively with a number of students. In one case, he was able to get a woman to move a limb that she had been unable to move. I also saw him make an adjustment to a pregnant woman that immediately calmed the baby in her womb. I was the witness to so many transformations and healings that were nothing short of miraculous!

My mind is currently reeling from all the information and experiences that will take me some time to process.

I would not be here - in this place - had it not been for my dear students - past and present - who have encouraged me to grow and made me want to become a better teacher - at whatever cost it may have taken.

I am blessed beyond words to be part of this community. It was a gift to spend these last three days with one of my first yoga teachers - in addition to the gifted teacher who owns the studio I now study at. And, of course, it was was especially a treat to share this experience with a dear yoga companion. Ultimately, we all journey on this path together.

Who could ask for anything more?


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