Inspiration, Expansion, and Grace

I have spent the day reviewing so much of the recent training I did in Sarasota, and have been experiencing one "aha!" moment after another.

I also got caught on emails and read Todd Norian's newsletter. Todd is a senior certified Anusara Yoga Teacher.

I had the pleasure of experiencing his teaching at the end of March. He also assisted me in a number of poses at that time. At one point, I thanked him for his newsletters which I have always found to be very inspirational. Todd is a very sweet, loving, and humble soul - and it shows in his teaching.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Todd when he was at Willow Street Yoga in Silver Spring, MD, recently. As I read his comments, I realized that I have felt that way after teaching my own classes and workshops. And his comments echoed many of the sentiments of this past week for me as well. Todd spoke of coming back home totally inspired after having taught the workshop I attended. It was truly special for me - as I know it was for others as well.

This is was Todd wrote:

"The weekend was full of Grace and effortlessness. Each class was filled to the brim with eager, bright-eyed students and teachers hungry for inspiration. The depth of dedication and studentship blew me away. I felt so blessed to be able to teach there. It was an ideal environment to offer what I had to give.

The students' longing drew something deeper out of me that I didn't even know I had. There was such cohesion within the group, so much willingness to try new things. Everyone supported each other to take their practice to the next level...

I allowed my heart to expand with gratitude and I humbly received the joy all around me...I looked into the students' eyes and saw their beauty. I was able to receive the blessing of the Divine by taking in and really listening to the praise that was being expressed to me from the students.

I believe this is how we are designed to life, to be open to Grace and receive blessings from all of life. But YOU have to take the first step...You have to be willing to take a chance and step into the current of Grace. You have to discipline yourself to let go of the self-limiting voices inside and reach for new voices of truth and empowerment. You have to believe in something greater and expand your vision...

This season, may you soften and feel your connection to the abundant flow of the Universe. May you increase your joy by affirming the goodness in your life. May you expand your joy toleration level and touch new peaks of worthiness, happiness, and love..."


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