Bathed in Shri and Shakti

I seem to be moving slowly - as if in an altered state of consciousness....

After leaving the gathering of Anusara Yoga teachers in Denver on Friday, I noticed that my senses were more heightened. I seemed to notice everything - details and colors in a way I hadn't in a long time. I sensed the unity in all things. And I enjoyed connecting with perfect strangers - and being very deeply present in my conversations with them at the airport.

Before landing at the Washington Dulles Airport, I looked out the window and felt myself literally get lost in the clouds - as if there were no boundaries between them and me. At one point it looked like the plane was skating on a sheet of ice - which was literally a sheet of clouds. Moments later, we were totally engulfed in them.

Late that evening, I meditated in my sacred space for the first time in days - feeling myself buoyed by the energy of many meditations there and the experiences and encounters of the last week - now residing in the temple of my heart. It was very special.

Yesterday morning I got up and went outside to do my pre-meditation exercises in the drizzle and was blown away by the plants and shrubs in my front yard. They had become a literal explosion of shri (beauty) and shakti (Divine Energy) in one week! I was almost shocked at the growth that had transpired and the palette of colors that became established during the course of one week. It was almost as if the shri and shakti of Denver had exploded out from the center of our gathering and come back to my home.

I am ready to begin a new week - ready to begin sharing some of the shri and shakti that I have so deeply received.


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