Overwhelmed by Beauty II

We concluded another exquisite day of the Anusara Yoga teacher's gathering. I want to share some highlights of the last three days...

The community is wonderful. I have gotten to know local members of the North Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, and Hawaii kula - or communities - among others.

Today I practiced alongside a beautiful young mother and former dancer who was just radiant. We partnered for a number of things and I could feel her love and support in every assist. I felt truly honored to be in her presence!

Yesterday a beautiful woman from Hawaii invited me to visit. There is currently a volcano that is active and she enthusiastically urged me to come see the Shakti Energy of the Divine Feminine in all her manifestations!

Yesterday I also bought a new necklace with an "OM" on one side - and the inscription - "Open to Grace" on the other side. I felt it was time to wear something different as I feel myself enter a new phase in my life - and this seemed like an appropriate gift to give myself as an early Mother's Day present.

Today I had a woman come up to me and say that I had given her an adjustment years ago at a training that opened her very deeply and was very significant for her and when she realized I was here - she wanted to come share that. I was amazed - and touched by her sharing that - especially after having done the workshop on the "Art of Adjusting" recently in Sarasota. I always felt that wasn't one of my strengths in teaching. But with each workshop and my teaching such wonderful and eager students over the last several months - I am feeling so much more confident.

There is so much more I could say - but really - the magic of this time - the beauty, the openness, the compassion - can hardly be expressed.

We did celebrate a couple of birthdays today - including that of a man who turned 66 and whose practice is nothing short of inspirational. We were led in a practice that was celebratory and based on Sutra 3.9 of the Siva Sutras: "The self is the dancer."

This theme was masterfully woven into our practice as we were invited to dance our individual dances - singing the uniqueness of our poses - and culminating in Natarajasana - the pose representing Shiva in his manifestation of the Cosmic Dancer.

Paul was simply delicious...Let me share some of my notes of the day:

Every single day to the degree that it is possible for us - we savor our mind, the beauty that we see through our senses and the beauty of the emotions that arise within our hearts and we bring this nectar to the challenging things in our lives.

Our practice allows us to rest in the subtle pulsation of our heart and it spills over into our speech and works - so we can walk our path with the goal in our hands.

Every day there has to be that "rasa" - that savoring that softens our lives and allows us to experience this moment of infinity...

Life is good even in the midst of challenges. Our strength, wealth, and our support comes from our practice and the community. These two combined see us through...

The challenges we have contain infinite grace - then we are prepared to cross whatever comes in our path...


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