The Seat of the Teacher

I will be leaving shortly for the last morning of the Anusara Yoga teachers gathering here in Denver. This week has been rich and wonderful beyond my wildest dreams and I am full to the brim.

Yesterday morning we contemplated Sutra 2.6 of the Siva Sutras:

"The enlightened and consecrated spiritual teacher is the means to the attainment."

Thursday is the day that is traditional recognized as the day of the guru or teacher.

A mere sampling of my notes on the topic:

To be in the seat of the teacher is one of the highest levels of embodiment. As a teacher you serve your students in leading them to the highest ecstasy. However, teachers must always think of themselves as a student first and continually engage and immerse themselves in a course of study.

What we receive from a teacher continues to resonate in us forever. Sometimes it takes you years and decades of serving in the role of the teacher to understand the sacrifice of our teachers in the past and present - who have offered not only themselves - but what is most precious to them in the teachings and practices that we receive.

When teachers give and share their wisdom - they are literally sharing something that is so valuable and meaningful to them that they wish others to delight in the very experiences they themselves have.

A good teacher will go to that place of vulnerability within them - and share from that place - in other words - you show and share your heart.

As a teacher always let your students feel your passion and your devotion to your practice, your experiences, your standards, your wisdom and knowledge - but ultimately - share the Source of your Inspiration.

And remember - each student before you is always a form and reflection of the Divine. Honor those students - for they come before you wanting a drop of grace that is always permanent in its effects...


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