Spread Your Wings and Fly

I have just returned from four days in Charlottesville, VA where I watched my son graduate from the University of Virginia. It was a proud and very emotional moment.

The ceremonies were long - but full of history - and I am sure touching to all parents...

This morning we loaded up both cars, and I'm sure the drive home was bittersweet for my son.

I listened to music as I enjoyed each moment on the drive back - and took in the broad and verdant expanse that unfolded before me. I thought of the beauty of nature and how it is all a manifestation of the Divine in its majestic simplicity...

My thoughts were many and very intimate as I considered so many beginnings and endings in this past year - not only in my life - but in my son's as well.

Graduation is often referred to as a "Commencement." Yes, it is an ending - but it is also very much a beginning. As I said to my son as we got into our cars - he will be back to visit - but he will carry the most important part of his four years with him in his heart - the many life long connections and friendships that he has made and forged.

He has been blessed to have had many wonderful academic experiences in three institutions - each one surpassing the previous one. But he has been doubly blessed in the lasting relationships established as a result of all three experiences. God has surely steered the course of the ship of his life - and for that - my heart is grateful beyond words! What more could a mother ask for?

As I drove home, I listened to so many songs that contained insights of wisdom here and there:

From "Butterfly" by Mariah Carey:

"...I understand to hold you,
I must open up my hand
and watch you rise...

I have learned that beauty
has to flourish in the light...

Spread your wings
and prepare to fly...
Spread your wings
like a butterfly and fly...

And from the song "When You Believe:"

"There can be miracles
when you believe
Though hope is frail,
it's hard to kill...

Who know what miracles
you can achieve
when you believe?
Somehow you will.
You will -
when you believe..."

And then I thought of the wonderful quote by Anthony de Mello, SJ - the Indian Jesuit mystic:

"Spread your arms wide into the future -
The best is yet to come!"

Every door that closes opens others - to so much magnificence! One may not see it at first - but God's generosity always shines forth!


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