Expansion II

Life is a series of experiences of contraction and expansion. It is reminiscent of two of the principles of Anusara Yoga - Muscular Energy and Organic Energy. In the first, you hug the muscles to the bones, and draw energy from the periphery to the core - and towards the midline - allowing it to pool into the focal point of the pose. In the latter - you extend out from that focal point organically - yet not letting go of the action and experience of drawing in.

Indeed, all of the Universal Principles of Alignment of Anusara Yoga embody this constant oscillation between expansion and contraction. it is nothing more and nothing less than the dance of our spirits.

When we venture forth - when our spirit soars - we still have to draw into ourselves, tapping into that limitless reservoir that is our Essence. It is here where the Divine resides within us. Jesus did say - "The kingdom of Heaven is within you."

But there is always this dance - between drawing in and expanding. This is evident in all of our experiences and life situations. There are times when we retreat and go more deeply inside - and there are times when we are more out there and engaged in our work and relationships.

I especially thought of how we need to contract - and hug in - and go inside to connect with God as I remembered yesterday's blog and poem.

I recalled the Christian theological concept of kenosis, best exemplified by the experience of Jesus offering his life on the cross - and how it requires an experience of self-emptying, in order for us to be filled more fully.

Today, on the sixth month anniversary of very major shifts in my life - and a period marked by constant dying and rising and a dance of drawing in and extending out - I thought of how a very significant part of me has drawn in to permanently reside there. Like yesterday's poem - it is all about returning home and constantly learning lessons.

And then, I read this beautiful quote from Paramahansa Yogananda:

"I soar in the plane
of consciousness above,
on the left,
on the right,
within and without,
to find that in every nook
of my space-home
I have always been
in the sacred presence of my Father."

Truly, an exquisite reminder that every experience of contraction gently invites us to soar and experience expansion.


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