Returning Home

Every morning I approach the river with a certain expectation. What will it look like today? I have photographed the river in so many different moods and seasons. I crane my neck to see up ahead as I come around the bend - wondering if the waters will reflect the state of my soul...

The translation of an Indian poem wafted through my soul as I connected to my memories of the river later in the day. My quotidian sojourn to the river is like returning home to my soul...

I imagined these words being sung to God...

Returning Home

Sometimes I remember that moment
That moment
When the one entered my life
And made me belong to him

He taught my heart to sing
He taught my mind to fly

When the dark night surrounded me
That is when He called for me
Come child come
Return to your home
Return to your home

I resisted
I turned my face away
And yet He never left me
He called out to me again and again

He never turned His face away
He remained my true support

With His vision He carried me far beyond
He gave me care
He gave me love
And then He showed me how to love
Such was the One who came into my life
Such was the One who came into my life


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