Lives within Lives

The last two mornings down by the river have been interesting...

Yesterday, a group of young boys were preparing to launch about 15 kayaks into the water, under the supervision and instruction of what seemed to be very capable teachers. The day was overcast, and as I left the park it started to rain and I wondered whether they launched or not.

Today there were two guys filming what seemed to be a car commercial, in addition to the various others who drive their cars around with their music blaring, or who sit in their cars talking. One guy walked to the picnic bench feet away from me and just sat and smoked. As a former psych major, it is so interesting to observe the many behaviors on display.

As I drove into the park this morning, I thought of how complicated our lives can be - how there are many phases to our lives - in essence - there are lives that we live within our lives. We are such richly textured beings!

I regularly read a newsletter called: What's Up on Planet Earth? Karen, the woman who writes this newsletter always seems to have a good pulse on what is happening energetically on the planet. In the latest issue, she addressed a lot of the energetic shifts that have been occurring since the Solstice. Here are a few paragraphs that I found relevant:

"...We may find that our loved ones and those near and dear to us are leaving and going somewhere else. It may seem that we are being permanently separated from those with whom we have shared the closest connections...

This separation phase involves a journey which we can only undertake on our own. It is a very private one...and needs to be undertaken before we come together once again. It is a rare gift and very sacred process between our souls and our creator...

After this has been accomplished, we then begin the re-connection to our brothers and sisters once again, and when this occurs, we feel a joy and completion I can barely begins to describe...

When the re-connection occurs, the masks are removed...It can be quite emotional to now connect more deeply to another who has just removed his/her mask....

Watching our loved ones and animal companions suffering with their own specific dilemmas, struggles, and traumas was difficult indeed, but if we can know that we need only honor and respect the paths they have chosen to get to the other side (without saving them), we can then trust that all is indeed in perfect and divine order..."

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