River Song

This morning I woke earlier than usual looking forward to sitting at the river about an hour earlier than I usually go.

I was struck by the amount of litter left on its shores and wondered how anyone could come to behold the river's beauty and yet not respect it.

I came with a heavy heart, so many things weighing down on me...

Last night, I read another chapter in the book - Deep Water Passage: A Spiritual Journey at Midlife by Ann Linnea, about a woman who decides to kayak around Lake Superior - a very dangerous journey. I have been slowly savoring my re-reading of this wonderful book, reading a chapter periodically, when I have the time to do so.

In the chapter I read last night, there is a poignant moment when Ann's children beg her to abandon her journey and come back home. She is torn, yet she reminds them of many adventures they took together, vowing to not come back until whatever lesson needed to learned was learned.

As I sat on a big rock, a footprint away from the water, I thought of the lessons I am constantly learning and re-learning. It was very peaceful and it occurred to me, that for months I sat on a bench simply observing and praying from afar. Now I was sitting where I could literally step into the water. The next logical step will be to go into the water and simply be there...

I did my Reiki meditations and reflected on the many experiences of the weekend as I taught my first Shinpiden class in the Japanese style of Reiki. The veil thinned between this physical world and the more subtle realms. Voices joined ours in chanting, and the presence of Kwan Yin was seen and felt.

Kwan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion. One of the Reiki Precepts focuses on developing greater compassion for ourselves first, and then for others. The story of Kwan Yin is so beautiful. It is said that when she died and was going to heaven she heard the cries of people on the earth and returned, vowing to stay here until every last one was healed and attained enlightenment.

I sat by the river for a long while, until I found peace in my heart again. It came with an invitation I heard inwardly:

"Come sit in my heart.
My heart is deeper
and wider, and richer
and fuller than this river--
and every river
within rivers
in this Universe.

Come sit in my heart
and receive
everything you need."

My sojourn to the river is a spiritual pilgrimage I make to listen to the river's song which is both healing and refreshing. I can now take on the tasks of this day...


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