Experiencing Stillness

It's an overcast and rainy day - not a day for the river unfortunately. I have to stay home for an inspection and a conference call so it is a good time to catch up on office work.

It is also an opportunity to find stillness even in the midst of the work that needs to be done. These quotes note the significance and importance of stillness in our lives:

"My greatest wealth is the deep stillness in which I strive and grow and win what the world cannot take from me with fire and sword."
- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

"For peace of mind we need to resign as general manager of the universe."
- Larry Eisenberg

It is in stillness that the richness and fruits of a meditation practice flourish.

It is in stillness that God comes and speaks in the silence of the heart.

Today find and savor stillness somewhere in the busyness of your life.


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