Hunger for Stillness

Over the last few days, I had the opportunity to speak to a young relative, on the brink of finishing high school, about his interest in meditation. He is intensely passionate about the subject and the experience and is searching for his own path in a very determined way.

I could see the fire in his eyes and in his heart and soul and it warmed my own to see such a beautiful young man so earnestly and passionately engaging in his search. It reminded me of my own quest many decades ago.

I shared with him my own path, and to the extent that I could, my own meditation experience and method which is based on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda - who so beautifully and exquisitely illustrated the connection between the ancient teachings of the East and those of Jesus Christ as well. While I practiced many forms of meditation over the years, I did not find and commit to this path until many years later, after skirting the initial call that I felt for nearly a decade.

I was moved yesterday, to send home with this young man's father who is my cousin, my copy of Autobiography of a Yogi, by Yogananda - a wonderful spiritual classic that has stirred the soul of many, and has launched others on their spiritual path.

As I reflected on my conversations with this fine young man, I felt encouraged to know there are people like him out in the world - seeking stillness in their hearts and souls - in essence seeking the Divine. Those of us who seek so urgently, do so I believe, because we have done it before and are compelled by an ancient memory and a desire for union with the Divine.

It is a hunger for stillness.

It is a hunger for the Divine.

And the world is a better place because every once in a while, someone wakes and up and remembers who he or she - truly is.


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