The River, the Ocean, and the Present Moment

I was hoping to get Grace back into the river on Friday, but I had repair estimates to get for the house and packing that needed to get done as well. I did however, get a chance to at least visit the river before leaving for vacation.

I met a wonderful couple down by the rocks on Friday. The man had just bought a kayak that week as well, and his wife, from Beijing, told me all about the trip they had just taken to Alaska. We noted the auspiciousness of that day: 8-8-08, and since they were both school teachers, we had much in common to talk about.

Yesterday morning we flew into Boston and then drove to Cape Cod. We are staying at Ocean's Edge, in Brewster, and I have a view of the bay from my balcony.

In the late afternoon I walked down by the water during high tide and found a rock where I could sit with my feet in the water while I meditated for almost an hour.

This morning the tide was so low you could literally walk forever out into the water. So for an hour and a half I walked along the shoreline feeling very much one with the ocean, and with the schools of little tadpoles or fish, and the seagulls. How could one not be in the present moment in the midst of so much beauty and stillness?

Later, I walked along Route 6A and stopped for a cappuccino in a wonderfully funky herb and crystal store. I was invited to drink my coffee out in the herb garden, which I did, accompanied by a very friendly dog, named Brewster. The name of the store is The Jewel of Brewster. I think I will come back here again!

There is a lot of work for me to do - but instead of doing any of it - I am choosing to enjoy every moment and just witness how every present moment unfolds into the next...

I think I could get used to this!


Sheila said…
I'm glad that you're enjoying some much needed down time ... look forward to catching up with you when you return.

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