Wake Up Now II

I continue to read Wake Up Now: A Guide to the Journey of Spiritual Awakening by Stephan Bodian and I'll share some of the passages I found insightful and underlined:

"Radical spirituality burns down the walls of your fantasy world and invites you to face your feelings of lack and inadequacy directly, without conceptual overlays. In the light of present awareness, you come to see that the separate self is just a construct and the feelings are just that - merely feelings - and have nothing to do with who you really are, which is the limitless space in which thoughts and feelings arise. 'Give up the tendency to define yourself,' says Nisargadatta Maharaj. 'Whatever concept you have about yourself cannot be true.' Indeed, the feeling of inner emptiness, which may seem so threatening, actually points to the radiant emptiness or void at the heart of existence...

'Cease to be a knower,' says Ramana Maharshi. 'Then there is perfection.'

The more you set aside your beliefs and encounter life directly, without argument or struggle, the more you discover a natural responsiveness that's inherently gentle, loving, and ethical and doesn't require a spiritual worldview to maintain..."

'In your absence is your presence (Jean Klein).'"


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