Ol' Blue Eyes

My husband had a meeting today in what was once Frank Sinatra's compound in Palm Springs. In the afternoon, I joined him and others for a private tour of the place. It was fascinating indeed!

When Sinatra sold the place, he sold it with all its contents - and all his movie and music memorabilia as well. The walls of the many buildings in the compound were almost totally covered with posters, playbills, paintings of his friends, framed disks and album jackets. Sinatra's book collection was very telling as well. He had a fine collection of art books and enjoyed reading Michner and Morris L. West. One of the buildings had been transformed into an art studio and many of his own creations were framed.

The people in the group were more interested in seeing the room the Marilyn Monroe stayed in - complete with some of her dresses, shoes, and accessories hanging in a glass enclosed closet.

I found other things more interesting - such as the plaque on the door to Sinatra's bathroom. It contained this simple verse, that I know was once scrawled in a wooden bunker in Auschwitz:

"I believe in the sun -
even when it is not shining.
I believe in God -
even when He is silent."

This, perhaps - told me more about this man that anything else in that house. It was a beautiful reminder of what is ultimately important.


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