River Meditation: "I and the Father are One"

As I mentioned in my posting yesterday, I love to meditate in a certain special spot in the river which I reach by paddling upstream. I do a special practice and then allow myself to float downstream for a while. At the end of my practice, I often repeat to myself, over and over again the following sacred mantra suggested by Yogananda:

"I and the Father are One."

It reminds me that I am one with everything - even when I do not feel this sense of oneness. I believe that the more I repeat it, the more I embody it, and the more my cells begin to receive and reflect this blessed message.

Yesterday I found myself adding the following to my meditation:

"I and the Father are One.
I and this river are one.
I and the herons are One.
I and the trees are One.

I am one with everyone.
I am one with those I love.
I am one with those I have difficulty with.
I am one with those I have hurt.
I am one with those that have hurt me.

I am one with my pain and my sorrow.
I am one with the pain and sorrow of others.
I am one with all who suffer.
I am one with those who experience joy.

I am one even in the experience of separation,
for there is no separation.
I am one with everyone in these trying times.

I and the Father are One."

And then I floated downstream very slowly, almost as if I were in suspended animation, embraced by the hand and love of God.


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