Opening to Grace - Again, and Again!

I have spent two days typing my notes from the Santa Fe workshop that I just attended with John Friend and about 120 other rocking members of the Anusara Yoga kula or community.

I was amazed at how over and over again I read things that were really messages for me - and how it pertained to the First Universal Principle of Alignment in Anusara Yoga - "Opening to Grace."

This principle just never gets old for me. There are layers upon layers to be uncovered, absorbed, and imbibed - again and again! I will share a few quotes from my 25 pages of notes:

The First Universal Principle of Alignment of Anusara Yoga is to open to and receive the shakti that is all around us - rather than first assuming the approach or perspective: What is wrong with this picture?

First - we must practice being open - and then we practice receiving - and finally paying attention.

OPEN - PAUSE - FEEL IT - Choose to align with it!

We always need to send out blessings for everyone has a lesson for us.

At the end of every day - list three positive or auspicious things that happened to you - and in time you will begin manifesting more of them.

There are jewels everywhere to be seen if you just soften and open yourself to seeing them.

Be empty, and you will be whole. Be still, and ride on the waves of the energy of Spirit.

Always serve the Light. Align your intention with the Light.

Ask Spirit for strength so that when you are faced with challenges, you have the capacity to respond in the highest way possible...

The important qualities to embody with the principle of opening to grace are: accepting, allowing, and surrender...

Let my will serve Thy will!

Make yourself a chalice to be filled on this day!

If you get knocked down seven times - get up eight!

The first principle - opening to grace - is about dissolving and releasing anything that is keeping you from what is your power and strength...

And finally, I read this off of one attendee's T-shirt:

(Yoga is) Practice. Focus. Surrender
(Do Yoga) Body. Breath. Mind.
(Live Yoga) Humility. Selflessness. Devotion.

Yes - it is all about opening to grace. When we don't open - we harden - we round. We don't let the light in. Or the love...


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