Slouching Towards Winter

The last few days have been very windy and cold, and I have found myself wanting to hibernate and be more domestic - running errands, cleaning and clearing various corners - and even re-potting three African violets that had grown together for years! I invited them to accept the physical separation from their sisters as a good thing so that they could continue to thrive to their hearts content in their own playground!

I've been mulling over a few things from Yogananda's writings of late, which as always, have come at precisely the right time and moment:

"The happiness that people look for in this earth does not endure.
Divine Joy is eternal. Yearn for that which is lasting,
and be hardhearted about rejecting
the impermanent pleasures of this life.
You have to be this way.
Don't let the world rule you.
Never forget that the Lord is the only reality...
You true happiness lies in the experience of Him."

"You have to turn to God sometime,
so isn't it better to do it now?
Just give yourself to Him and say:
'Lord, naughty or good I am your child.
You must take care of me.'
If you keep on trying, you will improve.
A saint is a sinner who never gave up."

"Remember that as a child of God
you are endowed with greater strength
than you will ever need to overcome
all the trials that God may send to you."

"Love God will all your heart and soul.
Seek the kingdom of God first,
then all your desires will be fulfilled...
Love God more than you love anyone
or anything else, for you cannot know what love is,
nor use that love to love anyone or anything,
without having first received that love from God."


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