As I write this, it is nearly 2 PM, and the bells are chiming, calling the nuns to prayer.

Yesterday, was a day that moved a lot of energy for me, as well as for many others, and we began this day by sharing those experiences. This property sits on a bed of rose quartz which opens and heals the heart chakra, so it is a very energetic site that can support the healing work we are doing.

I am always amazed at how supportive people are at these trainings. There is something about this community that is incredible. Over time, there is a cohesion, respect, and support, that Anusara Yoga teachers have developed for each other. Those attending are very in tune energetically, and we are walking with each other on our various healing paths. I am continually touched by the depth of insights, sharing, and openess within this community.

For example, this morning, a beautiful yogini noted how this is Yom Kippur, and how the day is tied into ahimsa (non-violence) and forgiveness. On this day you offer the highest and most authentic part of yourself and ask for forgiveness of those you have hurt - but you only do it three times. You offer what you have from a place of vulnerability and then you release and say you are sorry for the hurting you have caused. But you are not responsible for how it is received.

I found myself re-visiting hurts as a result of the practice which is taking us very deeply from an energetic perspective. There is so much I could say, but it has to wait because I don't have the time and it is also personal and difficult to articulate.

I am also amazed at all the insights I am getting into my practice - and how as I work with many different people - they bring up the very same things...There is always so much to work on - layers, upon layers - and you continually receive the messages you need to listen to.

Yesterday afternoon we did a powerful clearing ritual for each other. We teamed up in pairs. Incredible energy shifted for many. We were reminded at the end of the day to visualize a column of light within us to strengthen our core - for if we are weak there - we will harden on the outside to protect.

So many of these wonderful teachers I have paired up with are showing me that I am very strong - but I have hardened and need to soften in my practice. It seems to be the over-riding message for me. I know I have been very protective throughout this year.

As I worked with one woman today, she noted the mindfulness I engaged in my pose. She described it as poetry - but yet again, I was invited to bring some softening and surrendering into the pose.

So many lessons, coming from so many different places!


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