Transformation, Releasing, Healing

Yesterday, I thought about how this whole training is about transformation, releasing, and healing, on so many levels. I noticed that I carried my body differently - just as I did after the training on the "Art of Adjusting" in Sarasota, in April.

One of my yogini friends shared with me how one of her teachers simply uses yoga and the breath - to work out the issues in his body. He believes that no other type of bodywork is needed.

In this workshop, we work with some of the most basic poses - but we are working much more deeply and subtly with alignment - sometimes almost spending nearly an hour on one pose as we learn to soften and increase our sensitivity to the Shakti energy flowing through us. I have experiences of poses that are different - and deeper and richer than I have ever imagined.

Transformation is not always easy. As John Friend noted yesterday, the cycle can be painful - and if you have emotional clinging to something, the suffering you experience will be greater. There are some experiences we can transform, but we may carry around their scars forever.

It was also amazing for me to note, that despite the advanced level of practice of the participants, there were many serious injuries that people were dealing with - yet the healing power of yoga was helping transform them on many levels - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. For some of those present, yoga had been miraculous. And nearly all of those present here are used to working with energy regularly with their students.

One of the reasons I was interested in this training, was because of my own work with Reiki. I have been looking to be shown a way to more effectively integrate both.

Recently, I came across these quotes, which seem appropriate to share here:

"Only, in growth, reform and change,
paradoxically, enough -
is true security found."
- Anne Morrow Lindberg

"The smallest change in perspective
can transform a life.
What tiny attitude adjustment
might turn your world around?"
- Oprah

"It is difficult to see the picture
when you are inside the frame."
- Author Unknown

"What is necessary to change a person
is to change his awareness of himself."
- Abraham Mazlow


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