Connections and Separation

I begin this wonderful Sunday - that would have been my grandmother's 103rd birthday - by going to a yoga class. I receive the same message in class that I have received from several friends throughout the course of this concluding week - encouraging me to let go of seeing and dwelling on the experience of separation in my life and instead focusing on recognizing the many connections that were budding and growing in my life - and the many instances others were reaching out...

I had one of those - "aha!" moments in class, and everything seemed to come together. This day ended and capped a week of so many wonderful connections made and blessings received. I feel like it was truly a turning point on so many levels...

Yesterday I wrote the lyrics to the song "She Carries Me" in my blog entry. Today I want to share this rendition or modern interpretation of the "Hail Mary" which appears under the notes given for the piece entitled: "She Who Hears the Cries Of the World." This piece accompanies "She Carries Me."

"Hail Mother, full of grace -
power is with thee
Blessed are you, Queen of the Universe
and blessed is all creation.
Holy Mother, maker of all things
Be with us now,
and always, Blessed Be."


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