The Dawn of a New Day and Era

Like many in this country, I stayed up until election results were in, and both concession and acceptance speeches were delivered by two men who rose to the occasion and showed their grace and intrinsic goodness...

Like many in this country, I found the moment very emotional and was moved to see how many people participated in this process, coming together and wanting to be part of a change in a new direction...

Like many in this country, I offer prayers...

Creator and Beloved Divine,
Be with all here, who are Thine.
May we know and feel we are all one--
in every breath we take
and every moment we live.

May we join one another
in rebuilding this nation.
May we put disagreements
and divisiveness behind us--
that we may create
a bigger and brighter future
for our children
and our children's children.

May we sow Peace.
And may we sow Love.
May we always show Compassion.
And may we also reflect Your Grace.

May we never forget
that we are a Spark of the Divine
sent forth from Your Heart
to ultimately come back
to dwell within You--
our Eternal Home.


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