Insights Come

I go for a walk in the late fall afternoon, and notice how so many leaves dropped in one mere day. Yesterday morning, as I stood on my deck, the trees were still half clothed. But this moring, many dropped their remaining leaves and I can see farther than I have in months...

I watch so many raking their lawns as i walk and ponder so many Lessons from Yogananda and his disciples...

"We make too much of feeling...
What does it matter how you feel?
Bear your lot as long as it is the will of God
that you should do so.
Act rightly, and in due time
the right feeling of peace and joy will come."

"God has proven that when He is with me
all the necessities of life become unnecessary.
In that consciousness you become
more healthy than the average person,
more joyous, more bountiful in every way.
Don't seek little things;
they will divert you from God."

"Don't live just in this little cage of the body.
Your Real Self is in the cage and also outside the cage..."

"You are a child of the Infinite..."

Beautiful words to ponder - but most all to embody...


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