Kriya Yoga and Anniversaries

I begin this day of the first snow flurries of the season - fully conscious that two very memorable anniversaries for me both take place on this day - changing the course and direction of my life...

The most important for me spiritually, is that a year ago I began my Kriya Yoga meditation practice. I had been drawn to this practice for more than a decade before I was ready to commit to it as a life-long practice. Like everything, there is a right time, and moment, and place...

I sit in meditation early in the morning, and feel moved to the core and only wish I had more time to sit - for I do not want to emerge from this most blessed experience...

I open to the reading for this day - never once anticipating the journey this sacred practice would lead and guide me through. It has been both a blessing and gift - not merely for this year of life - but for all of eternity:

"The true devotee's heart is always saying:
'My Lord, my Lord, I do not want to become ensnared
in the delusory drama of Thy creation.
I want no part of it except to help in establishing
Thy temple in the souls of men [and women!]
My heart, my soul, my body and mind -
everything belongs to Thee.'
Such devotion reaches God.
That devotion knows God."

I hope and pray that in this life, my devotion continually deepens until I too - can totally release myself from all the delusory drama that seeks to hold me captive. I recall my insights of yesterday - and how our experiences are simply details - they do not define who we are at our soul essence.

I also find it significant and symbolic that my yoga weekly planner chose to focus on Kriya Yoga as its entry during my birthday week. I share some excerpts from last week:

"Kriya means 'to make happen,' 'to transform,' 'to do.' Kriya Yoga is most often thought of as an integration of Jnana [Wisdom] and Raja [Royal] Yoga. The methods taught range from breathing techniques for moving energy up and down the spine to meditation as self-discipline, introspection, and devotion in everyday life. These varied aspects influence the mind and lead to exploration, understanding, and realization of 'Self.'

Walk your talk. Make it a priority to embrace self-discipline and accountability at home and at work. Do exactly what you say you are going to do. You'll feel great when you honor your personal commitments. Practice the essence of namaste by seeing the divine nature of everyone you meet."

And finally, this beautiful quote from Paramahansa Yogananda:

"The spine is the highway to the Infinite.
Your own body is the temple of God.
It is within your own self that God must be realized.
Whatever places of pilgrimage you visit outwardly,
and whatever outward rituals you perform,
the ultimate religious rite must be
the offering of your life-force
on the altar of inner God-communion."


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