Universal Consciousness

Namaste, the Chopra Center newsletter for November, focuses on the the theme of universal consciousness and I wish to excerpt some of its content:

"Infinite worlds appear and disappear
in the vast expanse of my own consciousness,
like motes of dust dancing in a beam of light."
- Yoga Vaishtha

"Each of us exists as a ripple in the conscious intelligence field that gives rise to everything in the universe - our bodies, the stars, the galaxies, and all else. Since we are an inseparable part of this underlying field of intelligence, we are also the source of all reality. In every moment, we are co-creating our world with God, the universe, or spirit.

Both the ancient wisdom traditions and modern science tell us that our bodies, our minds, and the physical world are projections of our consciousness. Only consciousness is real; everything else is projection. As Deepak Chopra often notes, 'You are not in the world; the world is in you.' It is only the veil of illusion - known as maya in the ancient yogic tradition - that keeps us from seeing that everything is pure consciousness. Whe we pierce the veil, we discover the spirit in everything and have access to unlimited creative potential...."

To experience your True Self, chanting the sound of OM is suggested. This is the sound of universal consciousness - and the ancients believed it was the very primordial sound of creation and of the Divine itself.

This wonderful exercise comes from the newsletter:

"Begin by closing your eyes and visualize a beautiful violet light flowing in through the crown of your head. Take a deep breath, and on the exhalation, say OMMMMMM aloud in one long syllable.

Feel the sound vibration and energy flowing throughout your body, dissipating all tension and anxiety. Continue breathing deeply and repeat the sound OM on each exhalation, feeling the light infuse your being as you remember your wholeness and oneness with the universe."

The newsletter also suggests some practices for transformation and notes that "intuition, attention, imagination, intention, inspiration, creativity - these are the raw materials of consciousness. With them we can mold our personal reality, and shape our collective reality as well."

It is suggested to take one of the following practices and focus on applying it in your life:

The events in my life reflect who I am.
I will chose one thing that happens today and see how it mirrors my self...

The people in my life reflect aspects of myself.
Each person stands for a quality I want to see in myself or reject...

Whatever I pay attention to will grow.
I will take an inventory of how I'm using my attention...

My true self is pure, unbounded consciousness.
I will remember that thoughts come and go, but the core of consciousness is forever...

Much to ponder in these excerpts! For the full newsletter see:


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