Dreams on Fire

A couple of nights ago, I went to see the movie Slumdog Millionaire. It is a movie everyone is raving about, and the only thing my husband really wanted to see. It is also the kind of movie I would have thoroughly enjoyed in another era of my life, when I literally looked forward to seeing just about every movie released at this time of the year.

As my life has increasingly shifted, I find that the things I once loved doing, are so much less enjoyable now. While Slumdog Millionaire has a satisfying ending and many truly funny moments, I was overwhelmed by so many instances of violence and cruelty and the reality of how many live in third world countries, deprived of basic rights and things we in the West take for granted. I couldn't help but weep through a good portion of the movie.

At the center of this drama, is a love story, and the love theme is haunting. The love story spans a couple of decades and is a beautiful reflection of the loyalty and selfless dedication of one young man who despite the odds, does not give up searching for his beloved.

I downloaded both the instrumental and sung versions and listened to the lyrics several times as I went out on an early evening walk. As sunlight faded into the darkness of night, I experienced these lyrics not simply as another love song - but imagined these words as coming from a deep and sacred place within a soul joyously singing to the Beloved of the Heart...Maybe I was meant to see this movie so that I could hear this song...

Dreams on Fire

You are my waking dream
You're all that's real to me
You are the magic in the world I see

You are the prayer I sing
You brought me to my knees
You are the faith that made me believe

Dreams on fire, higher and higher
Passions burning, right on the path
Once more, forever yours
In me, all your heart
Dreams on fire, higher and higher

You are my ocean waves
You are my thought each day
You are the laughter from childhood games

You are the spark of dawn
You are where I belong
You are the ache I feel in every song

Dreams on fire, higher and higher
Passions burning, right on the path
Once more, forever yours
In me, all your heart,
Dreams on fire, higher and higher

These were thoughts I had as I watched the sun give up its spirit into the coming darkness down by the river...I trekked through a bit of mud to get down to the rocks that were still somewhat submerged. It was peaceful there, and I imagined myself singing this song to the Immortal Beloved...


slum.dog said…
where can i find the instrumental version of this song?
i love it...;)
Olga Rasmussen said…
I downloaded it from the Soundtrack on Amazon.com!


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