Letting Go of the Year

The wind howls fiercely, and I think the trees all around me are going to topple...

As I wrote a friend this morning:

"May this howling wind of the departing year,
blow away all that does not serve
and make way for many blessings
in the coming year!"

So many of my thoughts have been consumed with a mental review of the year - an examination of conscience so to speak - seeking some sort of absolution. So many failings considered, and areas of improvement envisioned...

I resolve to have a different year. My prayer of the last few days comes from Sister Gyanamata, who endured much physical suffering in her life, and prayed - not that her circumstances be changed, but that she be changed. I read the pertinent passage in a book about her life, and repeat over and over again in my own prayers: "Change not my life - change me!"

I come across many suggestions for ushering in the New Year. This comes from Christel Nani's newsletter, a gifted healer and medical intuitive:

"Here are a few suggestions to start creating a wonderful future:
  • Share your positive thoughts with others
  • Let gratitude fill your heart
  • Be kind
  • Take care of yourself
  • Take actions to raise your vibration each day
  • Pray for yourself and others..."

These quotes are a reminder to let go of blame in the coming year...

"My days of whining and complaining
about others have come to an end.

Nothing is easier than fault finding."
- Og Mandino

"Take your life in your own hands and what happens?
A terrible thing: no one to blame."
- Erica Jong

"Live appears to me too short to be spent
in nursing animosity or registering wrong."
- Charlotte Bronte

And here is perhaps, the reading that most spoke to me, from Paramahansa Yoganananda, which I read before beginning my morning meditation:

"Let us forget the sorrows of the past year
and make up our minds
not to dwell on them in the New Year.
With determination and unflinching will,
let us renew our lives,
our good habits, and our successes.
If the last year has been hopelessly bad,
the New Year must be hopefully good."

And I add my own humble words:

May this departing year take with it, all that truly does not serve.
May God grant you peace of mind, and heart, and soul.
May you be given the insight to see what needs improvement,
the strength to make whatever changes are necessary,
and the humility and grace to accept whatever comes your way.

Many blessings in the coming New Year!


karen said…
In checking through mail I realized I had not looked at this as yet. Too bad for me but I guess I opened it at the right time for me.
I loved the thoughts from Yogananda as well as your additional thoughts.

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