The River at Sundown

It was one of those days that was full - but with good things...

I began my morning by rising and meditating briefly, then by teaching and practicing yoga, followed by meditating in the company of another devotee. Meditating with someone who shares a committed practice, particularly in your lineage, is like filling your gas tank. You can go a long way on that shared spiritual energy and you can literally move mountains and remove obstacles in your life and spiritual path - so I try to schedule those opportunities for shared meditation on a regular basis. It was good to touch base with my friend and share our Kriya Yoga practice and discuss some of the inspirational things we had been reading.

It was also a warm day, and the sun shone brightly and the sky was blue for much of the day. I ran some errands, and then after trying to get a new boat launch pass for the coming year, I decided to go home and get Grace in the river for a while. At about 4:00 PM, we were paddling away from the shore.

A chorus of birds were singing very joyously, as I paddled for a while. I decided to paddle upstream until the sun went down behind the trees. Then I meditated briefly, floated, and made my way back. I was home as it started to become darker and then went for a walk. I thought to myself, what a delicious day! In a world where so many are suffering and going through so much hardship, I was able to spend a day that allowed me to focus on matters of the heart and soul. It truly doesn't get any better than that. Or as a dear friend of mine is fond of saying: "What else is there?"

I close with this beautiful reading, sent to me by a very gifted intuitive friend, who always seems to send me the right thing at the right time. It comes from a wonderful site which features prayers, meditations, and reflections from diverse traditions and different places in the world...

Deep Relief

"Deep relief, that's what I know I'm needing,
Sweet release from all I've locked inside.
A full reprieve from all my fears and worry.
I long to feel the part, where love expands my heart.
And I no longer need a place to hide.

Move in slow, so I can hear your breathing.
Take my hand so I can know your touch.
Just to be inside this silent stillness--
My heart has no defense to offer up against.
The endless ache of opening this much.

If you know what is happening to me,
Hold me close, we can let our spirits free.
Have you been beyond the other side of hope.
Where everything that's possible can be?

I'm on fire, you see it in my face,
I'm alive with the splendor and the grace.
You are welcome to join me in this space.
And journey on the quest, to love our very best.
And live within this intimate embrace."
- Ellen Robinson, August 2005

I thought of where I was in August, 2005 in my life, and where I was in 2008 - which were such very different places. The river has truly brought deep release throughout this year and prayers answered in meditation have granted the reprieve I had sought for. I do not know what the new year will bring, but I have been reminded time and time again that - "All shall be well..."

And somehow, I know it is so...


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