A Silent Night

This beautiful text accompanying an inspirational short movie, comes from Mary Robinson Reynolds, and is titled A Silent Night:

A Silent Night

Silent Night
Holy Night.

The birth of a new consciousness
through a Holy infant child
a consciousness of peace
of alignment
of simplicity.

Through an infant
is born a new way to think
the power of thought
that on this night created
to Spirit within.

...All convened for this birth
on this starry night.

This night
this Silent Night
was the one unifying silence
felt throughout the world.

Silence throughout the world
peaceful minds,
peaceful hearts,
A Holy Night.

This birth brings all people together
on one night
a silent night
a heartfelt night
a connecting night
to God and man
and all of nature.

Nothing else matters
but silent connection to Spirit on this night.

Our connection with that which breathes us.

In the silence and stillness of our beings
we can feel the oneness with heaven and earth
we know
we feel
the connection
in the silence
in the darkness
in the crispness of the night.

This is the night when everything grows quiet
with anticipation
with love's deepest connection.

Spirit speaks easily to us in the silence of nights like this
seeds can be planted, dreams are born
in the silence of nights like this.

We relax into the silence
to hear it,
to feel it,
to understand it.

This night is a miraculous night
for a brief moment in time
all was united
all was quiet
all was peaceful
and still.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace
rest in Heavenly Peace
relax and let go in Heavenly Peace.

The meaning of this night
the message of this night
is the silence
that is absent of a single interpretation.

Silence that is full of meaning
silence that is totally without
religious differences.

This child would bring forth
healing unifying teachings of Heavenly Peace
in the silence of this night
our conscious minds are soothed by the silence
it is a feeling we can return to.

It is a night which holds the capacity to be
what every night can be
the potential for peace...
Heavenly Peace.

Seek the silence within every night.
Heavenly Peace be mine.

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