For God Alone

Last night I allowed myself to finish the book, God Alone: The Life and Letters of a Saint, about Sri Gyanamata, a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. I had been savoring each page I read, my senses filled with the sacredness of the writings.

I want to share some passages from her letters, meditations, and diary entries, over the next couple of days. Her words are full of insight, wisdom, and unfailing devotion, and are sure to bring comfort and solace to all...

From a letter written to Daya Mata, now the head of the Self-Realization Fellowship, when she was a young nun in the community:

" 1. See nothing, look at nothing, but your goal,
ever shining before you.
2. The things that happen to us do not matter;
what we become through them does.
3. Each day, accept everything as coming
to you from God.
4. At night, give everything back into His Hands."

"But God says, 'No. Come, lay all the dear innocent pleasures at My feet. Everything. Hold nothing back.' Until we obey that command, we cannot know that God Himself is the gratification, the satisfaction of all desires, and the only real one. He is the Joy, the Bliss that we were seeking on the mountain and beside the sea."

From Yogananda to Gyanamata:

"God must be attained, life or death - all obstacles must be removed by yourself through the help of God and Gurus."

"I say unto you that God is ever with you through the Gurus, and ever will be, and They are waiting for you when your work here is done. And whenever I join you there, we will talk about everything unsaid in this life, and there will be happiness unending, and I won't regret about not talking with you for lack of time here on earth. Your thoughts I ever treasure."

From Gyanamata:

"Observe some rule of silence. Outer silence is not to talk with the mouth. Inner silence is not to talk with the mind. It is in the silence of body, mind, and senses that you will hear God speak."

"When you become luminous there is no pain. There is only Bliss."

"This question was immediately presented to my soul. 'What did you come here for?' The answer was always, 'For God alone...'"


Doug said…
Thanks for sharing these - so helpful to me today! Of course, they're so true every day. :)
Olga Rasmussen said…
Glad you enjoyed! The book is a gold mine of beautiful insights and writing. More coming!

With love and grace,

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