Reflections and Quotations

Today is looking like a very long and busy day, so I will leave you on this early morning with a few quotes I came across recently, to reflect on. The first part of these was sent to me by a friend...

"When we're through with this earth
and all these problems,
we don't have to come back.
But as long as we're here
we have a job to do
and a purpose to fulfill
and that means dealing with
the circumstances around us."

- Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

"We are put on the earth to participate in life. We have a beautiful mind, we have the ability to pray, we have the ability to change, we have the ability to accept, and we have choices. All things God created are constantly changing. This constant change causes our circumstances to change. Sometimes we say life is difficult. During these time we need to use our tools: the tools of prayer, and the tools of meditation. We are designed to change and live joyfully on this earth. The only requirement for living joyfully is to live according to the laws, principles and values given to us by the Creator...

Great Spirit,
give me Your courage today
and guide my footsteps."

* * * * *
"Our deepest need
is for the joy that comes
with loving and being loved,
with knowing we are
of genuine use to others."

- Ekanath Easwaren

"We are able to be of service
to those who suffer
only to the extent
that we have been able to transform
fear in our own lives."

- Robert Sardello


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