On this day, I receive in the mail, a beautiful OM pendant I had ordered as a Christmas present to myself. I wanted a traditional looking OM that I could wear all the time, and never take off. I am sacredly drawn to this mantra and all that signifies, and I will wear it so that it is near and dear, and close to my heart.

On this day, I also receive emails from several significant people, conveying beautiful messages for the New Year. I am deeply touched by all of them.

On this day, I begin with an acupuncture treatment and give my body an opportunity to move energy and release all that does not serve.

On this day, I am reminded that yoga practitioners often begin their new year, or practice by setting an intention - a sankalpa. This type of intention explores what is behind a thought or feeling and aims at changing a behavior. It opens the heart to new possibilities and enables one to be softer with oneself and others. A sankalpa is also used in conjunction with the practice of yoga nidra - or yogic sleep - a wonderfully deep practice of relaxation which in combination with yoga nidra can result in desired and needed transformation over a period of time.

On this day, I review the Facebook statuses of my online community of friends, and am amazed at how many began their year by setting positive intentions for themselves and for the planet.

On this day, I give thanks for the opportunity I had to ring in the year by walking a sacred path, and by diving deeply into meditation...


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